Pause play track control from Android notification window

I would like to see the ability to control roon from the android notification window - pause play track skip - like I can do with virtually every other android music app. If this is already available please let me know how to enable it.


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It is indeed already available – but only if your android device is the actual playback zone.

Roon 1.7 Is Live!

Android Audio

When playing on an Android device, Roon now plays in the background with metadata and transport controls available in the Android “notification” area.

I would like to see this for the actively selected zone on the Android device. The only time the Android device is what I’m playing on is if I’m using headphones.

There are a couple of other threads on this request:

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Looks like when you are using a chromecast audio as endpoint you do see a notification on android phone that lets you play and pause FYI