Pax Americana and Föllakzoid

So again I have a few metadata issues that I can’t figure out the source for…

First one is a Finnish band Pax Americana that has only one record called For Your Own Good, in Roon it’s listed as Diskografia and the song 19. is listed as Rock Against Was Against Terrorism When it obviously should be Rock Against War Against Terrorism.

The other one is Chilean band Föllakzoid. For some reason Roon divides it’s records under two separate bands called Föllakzoid, with one having the bio and the other not. What’s up with that?

Is this album identified in Roon?

I couldn’t find anything on, knows about the band but not this album.

If the album is from Qobuz or Tidal then it’s most likely their metadata that’s in fault.
If it’s from your local library then you should check the metadata of your file(s).

Hi @Janne_Johansson,

Can you share screenshots of these albums in Roon so we can take a closer look? Thanks!

I’ve seen this issue on a number of occasions across numerous artists, especially when adding albums Roon doesn’t know about. I strongly suspect it’s a bug in Roon’s logic that does the job of generating artist objects when importing albums into a library. I’ve reported it along with a step by step guide on how to recreate the issue. Hopefully it gets dealt with and resolved after the next release, whenever that may be.

Thanks, it seems my data was at fault in the case of Pax Americana. I suppose it came from Discogs to my collection as they had the same typo in their data. Their album name was correct though. I changed the album name and the file name plus metadata obviously and also fixed it in Discogs.

The album name changed automatically, but I had to scan the album again for the song name to get fixed. One down, more to go.

Which albums do you want the screenshot of? The albums identified as the Föllakzoid without the description or all of them?

Actually I think I may have figured this thing out. The reason they are handled as two different bands, not how I could make them visible under one listing. At the artist pages the character ö seems different, so maybe it’s using a separate character and thus thinks they are different bands. One could be ö and the other just plain old ö. Don’t know which one it’s actually supposed to be.

I tried to change the character to be the same, as visually they look identical in my tagging software, but no luck so far.

Hi @Janne_Johansson,

We are currently working on a fix for the issue that you’re seeing with Föllakzoid. I can’t provide any specific timeframes here, but we hope to have this resolved soon. Thanks for the report!