PC broke down files are missing

My MSI laptop was on a thorough service and all information is lost. I have a subscription till autumn and my question is can I download roon for the remaining months?

Yes, why not? If you have a backup of Roon’s db and access to your library, or the ability to restore your library, then you can even revert to the state before service else you have to start from scratch.

Thank you for the reply. I deleted everything about roon from my laptop when I could not get anything to work. So I would like to start from scratch. Could anyone from roon advice me how to proceed?

Start here:

Fingers crossed you stored the Roon data base backups not exclusively on the machine that broke down. If that data is lost you will of course be able to use Roon but lack your listening history, playlists and changes made while using it in the past.

Thank you for reminding me. That seems to be the price I have to pay for being so careless.

When I install roon I get information " It looks like your Roon subscription has expired or is no longer active"

Login to your account and check for yourself (maybe you used a different e-mail)?


Thanks. You were right.

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