PC-side roon cannot be used after upgrading 1.7

The PC system is 64-bit win7. Roon is a lifelong version I bought.

Regardless of the 1.6 upgrade, or the official website download 1.7 reinstallation; whether it is to upgrade or reinstall 1.7 (500) or 1.7 (505), roon cannot be used in the above method.
The specific performance is: flash back a few seconds directly after startup.

I have also tried disabling some PC’s hardware, and it doesn’t work either.

How to solve this?

Is your machine used for control? If not use the Roon server version so there is no conflict with none OpenGL 3 graphics chip sets.

The roon on the PC side is used for remote. The installation and use of other roon remotes such as pad and phone are normal.

If this is the OpenGL problem and you have a spare slot, a cheap OpenGL 3 capable graphics card might do the trick. What is the full spec of the machine, and is it being used as the core?

I installed Roon Core on Qnap nas and it can be upgraded to version 1.7 and works normally. Roon on PC I only use as remote.

OK. You may need to consider retiring it as a Roon remote if it is the OpenGL issue, but of course you first need to confirm that is the issue.

Ok. But how can I confirm that it is your problem?

My PC graphics card is onboard Intel HD 620

Hi, that is not the OpenGL bug then. Something else is wrong. It could be because you are using Windows 7 so the drivers are older ones.

Hi @guo_fense,

Can you please share a copy of your Roon logs from the affected client by using these instructions? The best way to get them over would be via a shared Dropbox / Google Drive link.

ok. I have got the logs file, but I don’t have a Dropbox / Google Drive link. Can I send it via email?

Hi @guo_fense,

I have just sent you alternate upload instructions via private message.

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