PC to run HQP advice please

Well things are certainly looking up since I figured out the drop outs were due to a gaming “enhancement”


As expected I now have DSD 512 on every filter bar the xtreme ones.

First thing I’ve noticed is that the filters seem much more obviously different than when I used to use HQP into my chord Hugo TT. Now, now that different that I’d be overly confident in a blind test but certainly last night I did think I could differentiate much better than previously.

I had settled on Roon precise, MP, 7th order CLANS 256 and 512 here did sound impressive.
I’m now going to see which HQP filter can beat this.

I’ll probably have a few questions as I have a few days off to play from tomorrow on.



What is meant by “closed form”


This is my understanding of closed form

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VWell I have come to some sort of conclusion about what filters I prefer and it is slightly against the run of play as they say.

With the caveat that I may change my mind at anytime and that it is my ears, my room, my setup, my preference is for precise, minimum phase 7th order (CLANS).

Yes for me the best sound I get is through using Roon rather than HQP. Not what I expected and would prefer if there was an HQP setting that gave me this sound as there are no clicks when the music stops with HQP. Whatever it is about the way my system is set up - I keep coming back to this Roon filter as my go to one.



Hmmm, clicking when music stops is a new one for me. Does increasing headroom by a dB or so help ?

It was late when I posted, probably more correct to say when play stops.

It seems to be when Roon releases the ultraRendu/ SU-1 / Holo the click occurs. The Holo will displays DSD512 when playing and about 2 seconds after play ends this goes to displaying DSD 64 and there is a pop. The NAA seems to not “release”, 512 is still displayed and no pop.


If you using our ultraRendu you could get our sonicTRansporter i7. It runs HQPlayer and you don’t need to deal with Windows.

I too have had small clicks - random really - kind of like a small piece of dust on vinyl.

I’ve been using only ROON for the last few days and havent’t heard the click but I think I miss the sound stage that I get with the DSD 512 (ROON only goes to 2xx).

I’ve maxed out all the filters and options on HQ Player (I have a computer from Sonore - windows based) - I’m thinking I can back off them a bit to get something I like.

Of course I have also thought the HQ Player too “digital’ sounding at times.

Maybe I will just never be satisfied… But I do love listening to this system.