PC windows 10 16 bit

I’m using a win 10 PC as my core
Is it true 24bit being delivered and distributed to my SELEKT DSM that I’m listening to since the PC is 16 bit max?

What does the signal path say? The operating system, which is either 32bit or 64bit, has no bearing on the bit depth of a recording.

64 bit
Thank you

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Okay, you’re streaming to an AirPlay device and this has limitations which is why the signal is converted to 44.1kHz 16bit. I’m not familiar with Linn or if SELEKT DSM is Roon Ready.

Can you provide a screenshot of Settings > Audio. Thanks.

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Very sorry
I provided you the wrong signal path

Great, you’re all sorted now. Enjoy the music!

Thank you so much for all of your help

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