PCM to DSD feature quit working after the last update

Tidal’s PCM to DSD feature quit working after the last update. Am using Tidal on a Windows machine, and Topping DX-7 is connected USB to the computer, it worked for a few years, and then this. Anyone have any ideas, or is there another update to correct this software error.

Do you mean Roons upsampling to DSD on Tidal streams? . If so then mine works fine nothing changed here in any update.

Yes, mine was not as fortunate, different OS, different dac…

Regardless of whether its material I uploaded to Roon, or Tidal stream, the up-sampling only is working in PCM mode, and will not up-sample to DSD.

I guess you are saying it isn’t working because of the display on your DAC? In Roon, what does your signal path look like?

Here’s what one of my endpoints looks like -

Could this be a driver issue?

I, and presumably many others, successfully up-sample on multiple endpoints. Granted, I don’t use a Topping DAC.

Any other Topping users out there?

Hello @mark_spilberg1,

Can you please post a screenshot of the signal path as Slim suggests? Also, a screenshot of your Roon DSP engine -> Sample Rate Conversion settings would be useful here. You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to Community.


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