PCM to DSD with Roon/HQP on Mac Mini late 2009 will it work?

At the moment I am running Roon on my MacMini Core 2 duo 2.26GHz with 4GB RAM, OSX10.11. Works absolutely fine. I am thinking about buying a DSD capable DAC and buying HQP license to upsample all my PCM to DSD. Will this work with my current MacMini or isn’t it powerful enough?

Another question concerning HQP, for the future I am thinking about going to an i7 server with Windows 10 running on it just for Roon Core and HQP. (using the current MacMini as NAA, or perhaps MircoRendu as NAA when funds are available…) Do I need to buy new license for HQP for Windows, or can the Mac license be transfered to a Windows license?



@Mark_Verhoeven Will the 1.3 updates discussed in other posts help with your plans?


You need to have another license for Windows. When you buy HQPlayer you can get discounted dual-platform bundle. Or alternatively you can later ask me for coupon code to get the same discount later for the second license.

Ratbert, don’t think a newer version of Roon will have a big impact on processor load. I assume most of the processor load will be caused by HQP converting to DSD (256 preferably).

Jussi, all clear to me thanks. Perhaps you have an idea if Roon/HQP will work fine on my MacMini (specs in my first post) for upsampling PCM to DSD256?


I would guess not, but I recommend to try out first with the -2s filters before rushing to shop a new computer, trial is free… :slight_smile:

I think he was referring to the built in up-sampling Roon will have. If it sounds better and uses less CPU load than HQP, this might be a solution. Saves the licensing costs as well.

Thanks, didn’t know that… There is a lot of information about Roon V1.3 I didn’t spot the up-sampling option at first glance. Is this option confirmed, or is it just speculation?

It’s in the Darko piece – if that is any confirmation.

If one does upsampling the way it is done inside DAC chips it is very light weight thing to do… :wink:

Do you think the Roon up-sampling will be on par with on chip up sampling? I suppose time will tell. I can imagine Roon/HQP user’s will be trying it out and comparing.