PDF Files not opening on Android tablet, still

I know this was a topic, but I did a search in community and got no match, so here goes again:

One of the selling features of ROON is the easy availability of information about the album you are listening to. For me, reading pdfs made from booklets that come with albums, or even created by myself from information on the Web, comprises about 3/4 of the available information while I am in ROON.

Every update has me trembling with excitement (not quite) that the bug that shows on the ROON current album screen the number of pdf files available for that album, allows you to click on one, but it never displays, will be fixed. Not true for me yet. Is this being worked on? Is it an insurmountable or super-difficult coding problem due to lack of transparency in Android OS?

I am running Android 6.0.1 build MMB29PWW_P01M-V5.5.7-20170119. The pdf function used to work really well.

Thanks for a great music server app!

I remember the topic and for quite a while I wondered what was going on.

My TabS4 broke with the last build, but is fixed with the current one. So progress at least. I feel your pain though.

An hour after I posted that message, I started listening using my ASUS Android tablet as control, tried to open a pdf file and voilĂ ! It worked!. I guess the latest update took a while to get installed. Thank you!