PDF names update not reflected in Roon on a Mac [resolved]

I changed the name of the PDFs after import to:

The names are not updated here (but the links to the files are updated):

What happens if you rescan the Album? Does it update Roon’s metadata?

I did a rescan and re-identify, just to see if the names of the PDFs (in the first image) updated; they did not, only the links to the files did. The old names remained.

Paging @support - is this a bug?

I tried to reproduce this, and can’t. Do I need to do anything else to see this fail?

I think, perhaps, it was due to Roon still doing it’s first import and music analysis at the time. Haven’t seem the issue since it completed. Thanks for the prompt reply. Support from Roon is fantastic.

Yeah, that can happen if a lot of work is queued up, and you’re just waiting for things to flush out. Glad to hear it’s working now.