Pdf suggestions

One reason I’ve gone to Roon is because of the incorporation of pdfs. Turns out if I had a faster iPad this wouldn’t have been important (when I migrated to Roon, I got a current generation iPad to replace my 2nd gen).

I’d like the pdfs to only open in iBooks, not Safari (maybe a selection in Settings?). I’d also like to be able to return to Roon from iBooks, as is presently capable in Safari.

In multi-disc albums, there are sometimes multiple pdfs (especially true when purchasing the discs individually, which later become a box set). Presently, the pdfs appear to be in no particular order when clicking on the pdf link. If they were ordered in some way, e.g., by filename, that would be nice.

My notes indicate (though I’ve not gone back and verified this, in unidentified multi-disc albums, only one pdf can be linked.