Peachtree nova300 device setup for best quality

I have had my system for some time but have been listening on default settings and feel that there is much more offered that I’m not tapping into. I have Focal Aria 948 speakers with my nova300 and nucleus playing in a large room. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

How are you connecting to the Peachtree? I have a DigiOne connecting to it via COAX, I have a Schiit DAC connecting to it via analog, and I have a PC connecting to it via USB.

Sorry for my delay. Input is directly to nucleus with COAX and then Nucleus connects directly to Peachtree with USB.

Hi Mike, I’m not sure what you mean by this, The Nucelus does not have a COAX Input, it does have Ethernet.

You might try upsampling. What sounds the best is different for all. Start by setting upsampling to Power of 2 under DSP. If I am listening to PCM and do not want to use DSD, I use this setting.

Also, many enjoy upsampling to DSD. You probably can set it to DSD 128 vis DoP. Not sure that the Nucleus (being LIniux) can do native DSD to the Peachtree. If it can you would see Native as a DSD option, and 256 as a max resolution.

As I mentioned, I use a Windows PC connected via USB which allows me to run the Windows drivers that allow native DSD up to 256. Not sure that the Peachtree works with that way with Linux.

y bad, Ethernet it is. Peachtree specs are:

ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre DAC

32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD (double-DSD)

With this in mind, what do you suggest to start with?

When I played with the settings between PCM and DSD the output is louder with PCM.

This is all new to me, when I checked I had the Sample Rate Conversion disabled so I have a great deal to explore.


That is correct, it will be lower in volume.

That is the published specs, however, if you use Windows and Peachtree’s ASIO driver you can actually get quad DSD aka DSD 256 aka 11.2MHz DSD. That is what I use when I play DSD, sounds fantastic.

Sounds interesting. I’ll look into it and get back with questions. Thanks so much for your insights and help!

a few questions:
-by Windows are you bypassing the nucleus and connecting directly to nova300 from PC?
-if so are you connecting directly or over network?
-do I need to Unathorize my Nucleus and set up my PC as my core?

The windows PC is running the drivers and Roon bridge. So the Core goes over the network to the PC, which is running roonbridge. Then USB to the Peachtree.

So, if I choose to use my PC to connect directly with my Peachtree then I do not use the Nucleus? If so, then what a waste of money (ignorance has a cost). Seems like they would make firmware to allow for DSD 256 aka 11.2MHz DSD while using Nucleus. If, I’m completely misinterpreting your advice, my apologies. Thanks again!

I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. The DAC in the Nova 300 is quite capable. So if you’re using the Nucleus as core going direct into the Nova 300 with USB, it should sound pretty good. I’ve never appreciated upsampling. To my ears music playing at the native resolution almost always sounds better. But you certainly can try upsampling to see if you like it.

Equipment tweaking is a slippery and expensive slope, but there are many pathways to try. Many folks say a network bridge is better than USB. An external DAC can be better than the internal.

Hmm, perhaps I am not explaining it well. You will not be using the receiving PC as a Core just an endpoint, the Core will still be your Nucleus. This might explain better:

Here is how I am setup:

RoonServer PC (this would be the Nucleus for you) > Ethernet> switch> Ethernet> Small PC running Windows, Peachtree ASIO driver and RoonBridge > USB> Peachtree.

Its’ not really on Roon’s end. Linux 's support for native DSD is on a case by case basis starting with the manufacture, and then going to each Linux version/device. It can be very complex and confusing. Peachtree only advertises Linux compatibility using DoP not native. Could be for a number of reasons, I’d only be guessing.

Going back to one of my earlier posts, have you plugged the Nucleus into the Peachtree and looked at the Device Setup? Does Roon give you an option of Native DSD or is it only DoP?

Sorry for the time between my responses, I’m stationed in Germany. Also, I have to emphasize that trying to understand this is new to me. I am just wanting to explore the range I can achieve with my set-up, and was reading about all of the options available with Roon+Qubuz, with my Peachtree. It appears that I wasn’t even utilizing the Sample Rate Option, as it was set to “For Compatibility Only”.
This is how I have had it set up before re-configuring …
Digital input>Nucleus>Peachtree
There is no Native DSD option listed, only DoP, convert to PCM or Initial dCS method.

Experimenting with your advice, I tried to run the following:
Digital input>MacBook Pro>Peachtree
With this I was able to see Native DSD.
In final setup I will be using my PC desktop, but will have to move everything since desktop and listening area are in two different rooms, unless dLAN can be used in the mix. Is dLAN the “switch” listed in your setup?
What purpose does Nucleus serve if I am using a small PC running Windows, Peachtree ASIO driver and RoonBridge?

You might find this page helpful:

Roonbridge is not Roon you still need another computer running Roon server which is the Nucleus.