PecanPi -- Raspberry Pi DAC and Streamer


Ive recieved my pecan pie streamer and I am pleased.

I had been using an Allo Boss.

Pecan Pie had better defined bass and a better punch.The higher tones of the bass were tighter.

Instruments were separated much better which allowed for me to hear subtle sounds in the music id not heard on previous listens.

Has a brighter over all sound vs The Allo.

Not easy for me to describe sound with words but i like how it sounds than my Allo Boss so thx for all your work


For those who are interested, I posted additional performance measurements for the BOSC amp here:

Read the latest PecanPi Streamer customer review:

“I needed to find a streamer to play my music from PC to my aeging, but still excellent hifi system. I read a review of the PecanPi and emailed Leo. He responded almost instantly, even though I’m in Australia, and I ordered my unit. It arrived this morning, and to say I’m blown away is an understatement…”

An awesome review for the BOSC amp:

“Class-D amplifiers generally trigger reactions and opinions of a generic, mass-market sound. And I’ll admit, I tend to not be too curious about anything based around that amplification method. But Leonid (Leo) Ayzenshtat’s Class-D amplifiers continually force me to think differently. They prove that it isn’t about the type of thing, but rather about how skillfully a thing is made.”

“I wanted to stop my heart so I could hear the music better. I was being sucked in, pushed out, and unable to focus on anything else but the music. There were all the little bird-like chimes, dancing between clicks and pings and bongs of xylophone harmonics with dry reed raspy sounds zooming in and out, floating on top of deep rolling strings and organ-like bass. I didn’t want to miss a moment of it.”

Read the full review here:

It takes AC power input? Worldwide voltages? Can’t see any clear photos showing power input.

The amp takes DC, it comes with a universal 250W AC/DC power supply.

Thanks. What is the model of AC/DC power adapter.

And the DC plug size?

Leo, fascinating review. He’s right - my experience with several Class D amps also elicits an expectation of a certain type of sound quality and based on this review, it certainly sounds like you’ve broken that mold - in a very positive way! I’m quite eager to hear your BOSC amps to better understand just what this reviewer was hearing. Exciting stuff!

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Part 1 of another BOSC writeup:

@Orchard_Audio Hi, I just got my PecanPi DAC and it sounds great so far (upgrading from an Apogee Duet). Box was nicely packed and content was above my expectations.
I bought only the DAC (and not the box/knob) because I wanted to use it to drive my Dynaudio BM5a and have the Raspberry Pi out of sight. However I just realized that with Ropieee or a vanilla linux there is no way to control the volume via alsamixer. I configured alsa and it does recognize the PecanPi but clearly it says I cannot control anything. Is that right? Or am I missing something?

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You have to set the volume control in Roon to DSP and control via the Roon interface.

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Thanks for the quick reply, @Orchard_Audio, that’s what I thought, okay. I’ll use my TC Electronic Level Pilot.

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After nearly two weeks at customs (additional 74.66 €) and a few days at the local post office, the streamer finally arrived here in germany yesterday. The installation as Roon endpoint went as expected without any problems. Burn-in is now starting for a week. After that I will compare it with my DAC (I-Sabre V2 DAC ES9023 TCXO on P2B) from Audiophonics (2nd source) and the line-out of the Devialet (main source) with the headphone setup.
At the weekend I will post a photo.

Any suggestions for a external PSU-upgrade?

atb, tom

As a power supply upgrade you can try iFi iPower supply they make one that has a 9V output at 2A.

Yes Leo, “burn-in” allready starts with iPower from ifi :grinning:

Any other suggestions?

atb, tom

Some designers have commented that while it’s voltage ripple may be low, it puts out larger amounts of leakage currents than SMPS’s like Mean Wells etc…

Do you have one? Have you measured?

I am not familiar with any others.

Also I dont think the power supply will make much difference as the DAC already has built in linear regulators. See post below.

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I have not personally measured with the iFi supply, I have customers who swear by them.

I have tried my own linear supplies and as far as measurements go I did not see any difference, this is because the DAC already has buit in linear supplies where they are needed.

All performance specifications measurements were obtained using the switching power supply that comes with the unit.

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Hy Leo - just a short question:
in the installed RoPieee the IS2-DAC was configured as the „Rasperry Pi DAC (I2S)“.
But it is also possible to configure the „Orchard Audio ApplePi DAC“.

Which one to choose? (both play…)

Thanks, Tom