PecanPi -- Raspberry Pi DAC and Streamer

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #66

For $350 you can get DAC and case and assemble yourself. That way you can put ropiee or what ever else you want on there.

Assembly instructions are coming. It will be very simple just two screwdrivers needed, phillips and flathead. No cutting wires, no soldering.


And give the $100 to @spockfish, who actually works for it. :wink:


An added charge for something that’s free? Another BS ripoff from a device ‘manufacturer’.

Bet they simply clone the Bridge from a saved image. If they do and one buys more than one device, then (as has happened with other devices in the past) there will be an id conflict.

(Vincent Kennedy) #69

I imagine, once they get enough push back from the DIY crowd, they will just include Roon Bridge just like Allo does. It’s going to be tough for them to justify $100 to this community. The good thing for us is we can get the device without, and take care of it ourselves. Perhaps there’s a segment of users that do want the plug-n-play. Orchard may have done some consumer research that will prove us wrong.

It’s the same discussion around Nucleus. I’m not going to get one, but, people do purchase them. How many Nucleus vs other solutions? I have no idea.

The nice thing is we get to vote with our wallets. Let the voting begin!

(Derek Wyman) #70

$50 to configure the wifi on a pi?

That’s almost worse than charging $100 for free software.

Not a company I would do business with regardless of the product they produce.


To make matters worse, there is what amounts to a bare faced product advert on another thread on this forum, trying to masquerade as a user post.

Outrageous. That thread shouldn’t be allowed.

(Vincent Kennedy) #72

It’s all about what the marketplace. I do think there’s a need for a reasonably priced, plug’n play endpoint. Maybe this will evolve into that very thing. For me, now that I’ve stuck my toe in the pond, the USBridge has been working really well. Granted, I haven’t upgraded one. I’ve heard some folks do it without issue, and others brick them. Since mine works and I get the resolution I want, I don’t know if I’d ever bother upgrading the OS. Would I recommend the USBridge to someone that wants toaster-like simplicity? No, but they are close.

Going up the price chain, the microRendu is super simple. But, they are more expensive. You can get three USBridge’s for the price of one microRendu. Is 3x the cost a reasonable point of entry into an appliance for a Roon endpoint? I think there’s an opportunity here for someone to fill this void. Maybe Roon will expand it’s h/w offerings.


Chromecast,’s Player line, I think HifiBerry also sells assembled packages (and the raspberry board based crowd should follow Metrum’s lead and make a deal with @spockfish, because that brings toaster-like simplicity, but, well…). I do agree there’s a gap for a small, plug-and-play type device, ideally not in an ugly box, sub-$100, and .5A usb-powered.

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(Ramiro Salas) #79

I just looked at the pricing in their web site, and they now have Roon endpoint as $0.01 but with the following footnote:

***For legal reasons a device with Roon Bridge fully installed cannot be shipped. The Roon End Point option will come pre-configured to automatically install Roon Bridge the first time it boots, some user configuration will be required. Full instructions will be provided.

(David Liguori) #80

I know some people are not the slightest bit DIY and want an out of the box solution, but it isn’t exactly one, and $399 seems awfully pricey for what it is.

(Andrew Cox) #81

I’ve opened a discussion thread for people to talk about how they want the Forum to handle commercial announcements.

(Luis Gaivao) #82

I thought this was a joke! $399 for a Pi? Running open source software? That’s an expense case isn’t it?
Well done. If it’s expensive, it must be good, right?

(R. Neal) #83

Lol. Wut?

Hey, I’ll build you a roon spec NUC for $5,000. You can install whatever roon you want.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #84

It is an out of the the box solution, everything comes configured all you have to do is plug it it in. You can control the device with your phone, tablet or computer.

I don’t think you are looking at the full picture.
I believe the product is very well priced for the performance that it offers. You will not find any other device in this price range that offer a signal-to-noise of 130dB.

The device has a built in headphone amplifier, a high-end headphone amplifier alone will cost your more than $399.

Also among other things, is that with the output levels on this device and the HW digital volume control you do not need a pre-amplfiier so that saves you additional money.

(R. Neal) #85

And what recordings have 130db dynamic range?

(Feel free to subtract my HVAC and tinnitus noise floor. )

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #86

The foot note has been removed since yesterday because I figured out how to do everything and not have any legal issues.

The device will come ready to go out of the box, the only thing is that it will take 10 minutes to configure itself the first time it turns on.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #87

Where the ultra-low noise floor become beneficial is volume control. Say you reduce the volume by 20dB-30dB which is probably where most people listen under comfortable levels, your overall dynamic range is still 100dB you can play CD quality audio (96dB) without any loss to resolution.

(Leo Ayzenshtat) #88

I have had multiple questions regarding volume control on the unit.

The volume control can be either through the knob on the unit or through software when you control the device remotely.

The HW volume control on the unit (knob) will be better than the SW one. Both will sound great.

(Geoff Coupe) #89

Better in what way?