PecanPi with RoPieee v 2.493 won't update

Hello, I have a PecanPi running Ropieee. Currently it won’t show up in Roon. I can see its IP listed on my Routers devices and can Ping it. RoPieee web interface shows an update is available and I keep telling it to get the update. It says something like takes a while don’t turn off, then prompts for reboot. A little while longer RoPieee web UI comes back up. I check info and still on version 2.493. A bit later RoPieee will tell me an update is available. I say yes, Reboot? Yes, repeat. This has gone on about 10 times.

Any suggestions?

Can you send me feedback? You can find that on the ‘advanced’ tab of the webpage.

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Neat trick, I did not know that existed. I clicked it on the advanced tab and got this number back


FYI, just today I changed the update schedule form On Boot to Manually, to see if that helped. Not sure if that is reflected in the feedback/logs

The update schedule won’t fix it because it does fundamentally the same. ‘Manually’ is the new default in RoPieee’s latest version.

Anyways, I need a feedback with an attempt to actually update, and this one does not have that.
So can you reboot, click on ‘update’ in the web ui, let it do it’s thing, but prevent it from rebooting.

And then send me feedback.


Like this?


Did not reboot when prompted

Hmmm. Ok. I can see why the update fails.
Unfortunately it seems that something has been corrupted on the storage.
Only solution I can think of is reflash.


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Download, flash to SD with Etcher, stick the card in and reboot, correct?

Yes that’s it. Give it 5 minutes and then point your browser to ‘http://ropieee
Select the HAT, save, reboot and you’re GTG.


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First thanks so much for all the help!

I etched the SD card and rebooted. The green light was flashing very fast for a long time. Much longer than 5 minutes. I walked away and about 1.5 hours later gave a look and saw the message below.

For sure there is a cat-5 cable connected and the lights are flashing on it. I can see it on the network too. I’m not sure about the NTP thing but my computers always have the same and correct time, so I’d guess that is enabled.

I rebooted thinking it would just run what is on the SD card again, but maybe I don’t actually understand how that works. I figured it was like old schools days of booting from a floppy. When I reboot the Pi it is flashing green very fast again but as soon as I go to the Ropieee address I get the same failure message.


Do I need to take the SD card out of the Pi, and re-etch with PC before attempting to reinstall every time? Is it the case that when it initially boots up it both uppacks stuff and writes it back to the SD card or to the Pi itself perhaps? I guess I don’t actually understand what happens between SD card and Pi. Is there some non-volatile memory on the Pi that gets written to and the SD card is a one time use?

Again thanks for the help.

I would even download the file again. Then, use Etcher to reburn the micro SD card. Then, re-insert card in RPi. Give it every possible chance to correct any errors.

You need to reflash. And it should not take that long. Internet connection however us crucial.

The message about NTP you can ignore, because I built a fall back for that.

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2nd time is the charm! Thanks all. It takes a very long time to do its thing…but I have a pretty slow internet connection (cellular only) so perhaps that is why.


Do you have a rough idea how long it took? Out of interest.


30 minutes give or take

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