Pencil used to Fix Track Grouping/Identify Album

OK so you click an display an album. In the same section as Play Album, Focus on similar, et al there is a small pencil on the lower right of that pane. Clicking it allows ones to fix Track Grouping and Identify Album. I get that.

What I don’t like is that no matter what album you click on, regardless of whether the album is properly tagged, the text states, “It looks like this album has missing or extra tracks” and “Something else isn’t right”.

While I can see wanting to possibly edit the track grouping or Identify the album, I think the verbiage should be different for albums that don’t have an “issue” as identified by Roon. Does that make sense?

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I don’t understand what it is you want exactly here

please clarify :smile:

@danny - What I meant, is that regardless of whether it is an album that is properly tagged, or one that is not properly tagged, Roon always indicates the album is missing or has extra tracks.

In other words, Roon always indicates an issue/error for every album in my collection.

I realize that may not make sense, so if it helps I can post a few screenshots to better illustrate my comment.

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i know the screens well :smile:

are you saying that pencil is an editing event, but most of the text on the popup is about ‘errors’ and ‘badness’ ?

Maybe I misunderstand the intent of the functions presented here and it really is more about the Title text for each section.

If I choose to Edit Album Information for say, The Clash, London Calling. An album that doesn’t need any editing as everything is correct.

I can edit album cover, that makes sense.

Then the next section is “It looks like this album has missing or extra tracks.” That is where it is confusing because it makes me feel like Roon has not properly recognized the album or found an issue with it. Where as in this case no action is required, but optionally if I want to I can “Fix Track Grouping”.

“Something isn’t right”. Again it makes me think something is wrong, but this is actually the Identify album section which again is optional and only for use if album is misidentified.

So I realize all three of these sections have value. Perhaps it is the following title text that may be confusing as one thinks Roon has found something “bad”.

“It looks like this album has missing or extra tracks.”

“Something isn’t right”

Does that make more sense? Or it could be everyone but me gets it ( and I get it now ).