PEQ/GEQ settings for Hifiman Sundara (works well with closed backs)

I have a pair of Hifiman Sundara closed backs (see profile pic).

The overall sound as is, is just mweh. Not existing.

There are a number of sources out there for various PEQ & GEQ settings.

I’ve tried all the ones on here:

I just didn’t find any, to me, that made me go ooow, wow!

I then came across this on ASR:

The simple 3 band PEQ is a little tweak in the right direction. Better tonal balance across all frequencies.

Don’t settle, that’s my thoughts for headphones. Tweak away.

Maybe a different set of Headphones if they are not working for you?

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These aren’t perfect, however the tweaks make them better. My ears are fairly easy to please I guess.

At the moment my house extension and SWMBO is stopping that little venture. I’m eyeing up some Focal and/or Meze cans.

Just wanted to share.

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I compared the Focal, Sundara and Meze cans side by side and none of them did anything for me. I am using Audeze LCD-XC at the moment. At the recent show I went to, I loved some of the Stax kit I listened to as well as the bizarre but great sounding RAAL - SR1b and paired AMP. But, at the end of the day, I need Closed back for a number of reasons, not the least of which in marital peace.

I’ll have to sell a kidney for the RAAL SR1B’s. Fantastic looking.

Alas, my budget will not be as extravagant as the Audeze either.

I’m hoping I’ll be working in London in August for CanJam. :crossed_fingers:

Appreciate the input @Rugby , now if you wish to send your Audeze to @AceRimmer I’ll collect them next month when I’m in Florida :grin:

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