Per Album Banner Override

Since bands often change lineups, it would be nice to have a per album override of the artist banners. I’m looking at you, Van Halen! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think there’s been a few suggestions like this: a dynamic artists picture based on age when the current album was released perhaps? Or a slide show?

Not too sure how a slideshow would look on my setup so it would need to be a selectable option. I have my audio and video currently coming into my Pioneer Elite receiver through a Chromecast 3rd Gen. Will change as soon as I get a HiFiBerry Digi2 Pro hat for the Rasperry Pi. Image loading and any form of animation is incredibly slow and jerky. At this time, the way I have it setup, a slideshow would look downright embarrassing :stuck_out_tongue:

I still hope that this was a hint that it might be coming, but I have no other reason than it’s under the Valence Art Director umbrella for artist pictures, has to do with time, and my imagination is not sufficient for anything else:

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