Per Format Zone?

So, I have a Schiit Modius DAC for PCM and a Schiit Loki for DSD. So, I was wondering if it was possible to have it set if I play a DSD signal, it’ll go to the Loki, and if I play a PCM one, it’ll go to the Modius? If so, how?

No, it is not possible……

If the two DACs are attached to a pc or a pi then Roon would see each one and you set each one as as separate zone. You would need to choose the zone in Roon to play it to based on your encoded content. It cant automatically do this it needs your interaction to decide which zone to play it to.

You could group the two zones then after adding them and then whatever goes to both but you have to choose which one to listen to on your amp as you do now I expect.

Loki isn’t a DAC, it’s analog tone control. Doesn’t really have anything to do with DSD. My bad. I just did a Google and found out Schiit used to make a Loki device which was a DSD converter. Don’t think it’s made any more. Isn’t it a pass through device that only converts DSD when detected? Seems like it should be connected in series with your Modius. After further research, the Loki has an analog input. The output from your Modius goes to the input on the Loki, the output from the Loki goes to your amp. You select or deselect DSD manually on the Loki. Don’t think there’s any way to get Roon to do it automatically.

There’s a Loki DSD, which isn’t made anymore, and a Loki line of EQ devices, which still is.