Perceived lack of support follow up

miffed is one word for it!

thanks for the words. perhaps some of the issues i have are system based and i will certainly try to work through them. in the mean time maybe roon will pull their socks up.

I am afraid you have that backwards.

I first created and opened this topic with it’s title, YOU then went in and edited the title to remove the wording Perceived.
I just went and put it back to it’s ORIGINAL as created title.

So if anything I should take offense at YOU changing the title…but I don’t.:sunglasses:.

I realize you are frustrated with your Roon experience so far but letting that frustration boil over in your posts will not help in the long run.

sorry for complaining or for requesting support. the heading of this post is now inaccurate thanks to a forum administrator.

so here’s how it goes:

  1. ask roon for support
  2. get zero response
  3. complain about it
  4. have your complaint turned back on you as a mere perception with complete lack of acknowledgement that roon have dropped the ball
  5. roon support remains as is i.e. rubbish
  6. you keep smiling with your sunglasses on for defending the honour of roon without actually helping the customer at all :clap:

Please remember to follow the forum rules when posting.
Continued axe grinding is not permitted.

do the rules say anything about moderators being allowed to change the heading of a post to misrepresent the nature of the contents?

I know you are frustrated with your Roon experience right now but please try to stay factual and accurate in your posts.

You have already had the explanation on the thread title a few posts previously.
I thought it was quite clear but if any misunderstanding here we go .

I created this thread from the carnage that was wrought on another totally unrelated topic thread.
I created the original title of the thread that is exactly as it is now.
You went and changed the title removing the word perceived.
I went and restored the title to its original as created title.

The ONLY change of title with intent to change the perception of the thread was by yourself, not I.

So it should be absolutely clear that no moderator changed the thread title from it’s original created title to attempt to misrepresent the thread subject matter.

Now hopefully we can move forward past this thread title fixation and start to resolve some of your problems and get you to be a happy Roon user!

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