Performance Counts Unreliable and/or Missing

Roon seems to have problems counting local performances correctly less than 100 percent of the time. I just spent twenty minutes or so perusing some classical albums. In particular, i scanned those performances with 1) many Qobux performances, but 2) no local performances. [why do this? because I have a largish collection, and not to have a composition performance where Qobuz has 100s is surprising.]

To be explicit, I’m using the performance count icons to the right of the composition title such as these:
I assume that the absence of the local icon is Roon’s way of saying “there are no local performances”.

Here’s an example that describes my issue. The following performance:

…is from The Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Edwin Fischer album. Roon shows that Qobuz has 88 performances, whereas my local library has none.

However, when I Focus on this same composition, I get this:

Roon says here that there are 13 local performances in my library (!)

To compound the confusion, go to the composition’s page and select the icon to restrict the output to local performances. Here’s what I get:

Only 1 local performance shown. So, depending upon where you’re looking, I have either 0, 1, or 13 local performances.

Oh, one more take. If I search the Tracks page for this composition (it has only one movement), I get this:

This suggests 7 local performances and 1 duplicate. Go figure.

So, to my problem: how do I go about correcting these inaccurate counts? There are at least dozens of similar discrepancies based upon my admittedly small sample. Is there some macro-command to re-count all of this? Is a re-import necessary to fix things?

Finally, how important is all of this stuff really? Does this glitch deserve a higher priority than, say, launching ARC? Obviously not. But on the other hand, I think that, for Roon’s prestige and price point, glitches like this should not persist.

But that’s just my opinion.

[As always, if I have misanalyzed, profuse apologies for your wasted time.]

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Have you disabled “Only complete recordings” in the dropdown menu under “Recordings” ? This setting has caused a lot of grief since it was introduced in v1.8. Roon is notoriously inept at correctly identifying complete recordings.

Glad you mentioned that Andre. It was set to show only complete recordings. When I toggled that off, Qobuz performances went from 88 to 323, and local performances went from 1 to 12. So the local tallies are now either 0,7,12, or 13.

But here’s the thing: this composition is a single movement with four tempi. Only 16 of the 323 were truly partial performances. The rest ranged between about 10 minutes and 12:50.

And you stated my feelings exactly: is this the type of thing that Roon wants to be “notoriously Inept” about?

With that Mozart Fantasia I think I get consistent counts. But I have two observations:

  • I have a much larger Qobuz count of 359
  • Roon tolerates a lot of variation in the spelling and form of single part works. It does not impose conformity as with multi part works. I think the filter on tracks is just text rather than composition based, so for example your filter does not pick up on “fantasy” variations of the spelling compared with “fantasia” or “fantasia for piano in c” vs. “fantasia in c”

I haven’t made any other checks so I do not really know if I have inconsistent counts for other performances.

Don’t know how to explain the difference in Qobuz counts, Tony. Maybe its due to differences in regional licenses.

And I agree wite the idea that my track search is text-based and simplistic. I was just trying to locate and confirm the 13 count Roon had for that piece. I could not find a way to “call up” the 13 locals.

So, to my original question, how, if at all, can I correct these “different” counts? Is it possible, for instance, that this could involve a corrupted database?

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