Performance issues - 30-40 sec to populate artist page

While I’m generally loving Roon 1.6, I am occasionally hitting performance issues. Not sure how to break these down as I have changed Roon versions / moved to ROCK / added Qobuz.

Artist searches are taking 6-10 seconds which is probably ok, but can extend to 20 seconds.

When I then select an artist who has a moderate repertoire, it can often take 30 seconds to populate the page. Core page including bio and local albums loads after about 10 seconds of “Loading artist”; but then populating the “Main Albums” section can take a further 20-30 seconds (watching the Roon jellyfish in that section only) for a total of 30-40 seconds.

The same search on the Qobuz app fully loads in 1-3 seconds.

I should have high performance equipment here:

  • ROCK v1 build 159 freshly installed on the higher spec version of the recommended NUC ( Intel Nuc Baby Canyon Nuc7I7Bnh with 8Gb RAM)
  • wired ethernet; local library on NAS over ethernet collocated with NUC
  • cable internet 340 Mb/s without much other load
  • player seems irrelevant; we have Linn, Lumin, RPi
  • control point seems irrelevant: running on MacOS and iPads

I don’t know whether this is a bottleneck on Qobuz (UK subscriber) or Tidal (also UK subscriber), in Roon’s database service, or on my NUC. There does not seem to be a way to get memory or CPU performance from ROCK. Any thoughts on the root cause and whether there is anything under my control?

Or is this an issue accessing Roon from Europe in which case is there more which can be done around cloud distribution?


Do you have a SSD for the Roon database?

Try setting router DNS to or

Yes, there is an SSD in the NUC - the one linked to from the ROCK spec page.
How would changing DNS alter anything – do you think there is an issue with outdated DNS entries cached by our ISP? Any specific address you have in mind?

Hi @anonymouse,

I’d like to gather some additional information to pass along to the technical team. Please see the following:

  • How many tracks are in your library (Qobuz and local)?
  • Perform 2 artist searches. Who are the artists you’re searching for? How long does the search take to complete (in seconds)?
  • Navigate to 2 artist pages. Who are the artists? How long does it take to load the page completely?