Performance link not taking to performances

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Win 10, roon 1.8 / 783

Description Of Issue

Sorry if this has been already said somewhere.
I’ve noticed this error (similar to albums not appearing under artist page)
I’ve got a track identified with a composition (by Tarrega) with 3 performances:

But if i click the performances link i get:

so… just one performance. the album with the track i was looking is missing. as another one i know i have is missing

Couldyou check if “Only Complete Recordings” is on or off under the sort menu “Recordings by Recordingdate” ?

Hi @Andre_Gosselin
the setting was On.
changing in Off now and the 3 recordings do appear.
this setting is new… i’ve read about it, but i’m starting just now to see 1.8 changes (as firs build did not work on my core).

in this case… the 3 recordings are all complete, as they correspond to a 1 movement composition.

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Thanks for responding.

@support Another case for the curse of the “Only complete recordings” issue.

Thanks, i’ve seen now the other posts…

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