Performances (label) issues


I have a somewhat funny issue with the “performances label” (not sure what you guys call it, let me know for future references!). At least I think it’s an issue - could be just me not understanding its purpose to be honest ;).

To my understanding when you have two, or more, tracks of the same song but different performances they get linked together. This link can be accessed by pressing the peformances icon, which honestly is a super cool feature! My problem is that now and then I get singular tracks labeled as a performance. Basically that one track is the only performance of that song, there is no other edition of it. Even the number inside the performance icon shows “1”. I might have misunderstood the purpose, but if not I’m curious to what triggers this behavior and any suggestions are much appreciated!


I believe that this (performances = 1) happens when we have hard additional metadata for the composition. If the link wasn’t there, you’d not be able to get to the composition details easily.


Joel is right–that happens when there is additional data on the composition page (description, dates, period, form, …).

Joel is right–that happens when there is additional data on the composition page (description, dates, period, form, …).

Nope, this happen even with none of that. After 3 years is still an issue.

Do you have a concrete example that our @support team could replicate to look into this?

As many as you want:

Each of those has additional data—period, form, or composition date, like I described above, this is sufficient justification to show the link.

I’m sorry, I misunderstood the meaning of additional data (even if it was clearly written :roll_eyes:), my bad.

Quick update from me, if anyone else wonders how I dealt with this topic. I found the “performance=1” link to be slightly confusing, and now how I wanted the performance link to work. The link has two meanings if I understand this correctly:

  1. …there are more tracks linked for this composition (great!)
  2. …there is additional information for this composition, even though only one track is linked to it

I only wanted the first to be true, as I found the additional information causing the second bullet point above to be pointless (I think I’ve ever only seen “Period = Modern” to be that additional information). So what I do now is the following. If I see a “performance=1” link I press it to get to the composition page. From there I chose edit, and make sure the period time is blank. Once that is done, Roon does not see any more additional information for the composition and the “performance=1” link disappears from the track.