Performances showing 2x actual length

I’m new to Roon and I love it so far, however I’ve noticed some strange behavior that I’m trying to understand.

For any track I select and click “Go To Composition”, all of the performances listed on the Composition screen show a length that is 2x the actual length of the track. Most of the time when I play a performance from this screen, it plays correctly but occasionally (and I can’t reliably replicate this) it will play as a 2-part track where each part is the full song, so it plays twice.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Hey @Josh_Nordeen – sorry for the slow response here. Can you post some screenshots of exactly what you’re seeing?

Can you also confirm that for these tracks you don’t have two copies of the files on disk?

That’s the behavior I was seeing with a Cure album a while back - I posted a support request then.

Every track was a 2-part composition and played twice. It went away when I closed and rebooted Roon, I think. In any case I could not duplicate the behavior.

But you’re not crazy. That happened.

@James_I It does seem that rebooting has returned things to normal. I just went to grab screenshots and now everything looks correct. In any case thanks for assuring me of my sanity.

@mike Thanks for the reply, I’ll keep an eye out and get some screenshots if the behavior repeats itself.

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