"Performed by" behaviour - how to edit

Let’s say I have an album for Fela Kuti with Africa 70. Roon puts them both as Primary Artist. Now let’s say I only want Primary Artist to be Fela. So I go in and modify the Primary Artist Links accordingly. That works fine and gives me the outcome I want.

However, the Tracks now say “All Tracks Performed By Africa 70”. I assume this happens as they are still retained as a Primary Artist. Is there a way to modify the behaviour so the Primary Artist is Fela but the “All Tracks Performed By” says “Fela Kuti” and “Africa 70”?

Many thanks.

Hey @ctbarr – keep in mind that Roon is designed to accurately handle cases where the album and track are performed by different people, such as a compilation, collaborative album or DJ mix.

In this case, I’m guessing the tracks don’t have a Primary Artist credit for Fela? If you select the tracks and add it, I suspect you’ll get the behavior you want here.