'Performed by' field in screensaver mode way too long

Dear roon Support and Developer Teams,

I would like to bring one of my issues to your attention and possibly to be addressed (fixed). It relates to the way roon displays the “Performed by” info during the screensaver mode. Specifically with classical albums the info displayed becomes way too long to a point where the squares indicating movements (parts) of the composition are being pushed out to the edge of the screen. Consequently there is no room anymore to display details regarding the movement. To better illustrate the problem I am attaching a screenshot. FYI this is 1080p resolution.

In my humble opinion, the displayed field in not being constructed very well by combining redundant metadata fields.
In this example the metadata is as follows:

Orchestra: Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
Album Artist: Edward Gardner
Artist: Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Edward Gardner

Avoiding concatenating redundant fields would be my suggestion.
Or, if you decide continue doing it, is it possible to start splitting it into two lines sooner?
I think in 1080p resolution there should be enough screen space to fit it properly.

Thank you.


Hi @Kris_Poznanski ----- Thank you for the report and the feedback here. Both are very appreciated! I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that a ticket was taken out concerning this issue and a there is a fix set into place pending the release of 1.3.


Hello Eric,

Thank you for the quick response. This is great news. I will be looking forward to the new version and the fix.
Are there any estimates regarding a release date for 1.3?
Thank you.