"Performed By" strangeness

Where is Roon grok’ing the “All tracks performed by” in this image? I’ve tried changing multiple tags with no change. For some reason Roon is using the album title for this value.

Any suggestions?


What metadata programme are you using? Is it showing you all the metadata tags?

For example I use MP3Tag which can show me all tags used (View > Extended tags). Sometimes I find there’s an “Album Artist” tag as well as an “AlbumArtist” tag which can throw things awry.

Hey @aronson — Thanks for sharing your observation with us, we appreciate the feedback!

The team took a look into what you’re reporting. Until we’re able to fix this in our metadata processing, the recommended action is to select all tracks and do an edit to remove the incorrect Primary Artist credit.


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Glad you are looking into this. The “performed by” is often misapplied in classical recordings where frequently the composer shows up there.

I have an issue with the same metadata field. In my instance, Roon pulls All Tracks Performed By data from the name of the folder that my recording software (Vinyl Studio) uses to store files, so every album I have recorded shows ‘All Tracks Performed By My Albums.’ Deleting the value from one track’s metadata clears the display for the album, but not having this populate by default seems the better option. Thanks

These files came tagged from the label’s Bandcamp page.