Performed By weirdness

I have a various artist album with a track “Dont Leave Me This Way” remade by the Communards. I noticed when looking at the track listing for this album (Pop & Wave, Vol. 2) that the Performed By is listed as Sarah Jane Morris. While she also did sing on this song, the Communards should be credited as the artist. I have 2 other albums with this song on it and the Communards are properly credited as Performed By. Now here is the weird thing, if I rescan the track, I will briefly see the Communards as Performed By but then it will change to Sarah Jane Morris. Any idea why this is happening? Any way I can edit this so Performed By is the Communards?

Right now, it’s possible to edit the display of most fields in Roon, but not the “links” that come from our metadata service. This includes credits, composer and works info, and album “main performers”, all of which will be editable once the next round of metadata functionality goes live.

This sounds like an erroneous credit, but I just looked it up in our database and I’m not seeing it. It’s possible I’m missing it, but is there any chance the Sarah Jane Morris credit is coming from your tags? Does your version match this one?

My tags are absolutely correct. I just looked up the version you linked to and the one I have appears to be an earlier release. Even though the tracks are all correct, they are in different orders. I could not find the version I have on AllMusic. The album cover is also totally different. Strangely, if I look at the other volumes, the album covers are all different from what I have which is more white in color versus the multi-color ones listed. The only cover that is like what I have is this one:

It seems like perhaps this entire series was re-released with new album covers and perhaps different track listings. I need to now compare my other volumes to see if they match AllMusic.

Since my tracks are all in different orders than what is on AllMusic what is Roon matching up?

I think I see where the bad data is coming from. The version of the album you have doesn’t appear in AllMusic, but does appear in one of our secondary sources.

Can you drop me a screenshot of how the album looks in Roon for you?

Thats it! The album cover matches up too! That is the style of the music covers for all the volumes I have.

OK, cool. If you can get me a screenshot of what you’re seeing in app, @joel and I can investigate this a little further and see if we can do better.

Obviously bad data is annoying, but the wider issue is how Roon is handling this Performer credit, which I suspect we could do better with. Just want to make sure I understand exactly what you’re seeing.


Thank you. Here are two screenshots.