Performer "Jimmy Ryan" causes Roon to crash

Core Machine
Win 10, intel i5

Library Size
120.000 tracks

Description of Issue
When i click on performer Jimmy Ryan link… Roon crashes. First times it happens, and it happens with only this performer:

as you can see, Roon is “not responding” and turns white. only solution is to kill closing roon window.

I have no results when I search for Jimmy Ryan.

I would put forth a guess they are local files to you and they are having some issues.

I recommend using an id3 tagging tool to identify and solidify the tags in your music library. Roon has handled a lot of things I have thrown at it, but I have some files I just needed to clean up.

I hope this helps.

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Hello @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thank you for letting us know of this and for isolating the issue to just one search: for Jimmy Ryan. I am sorry about the trouble!

If I may ask, when you see the screen you’ve shared, what makes Roon to be responsive again? Can you click out of it, or do you have to quit Roon?

Hallo @beka
i have to quit roon. or kill the process via task manager.
It’s really a strange thing, not really bothering as it happens just with this link, but it could be some kind of corruption in the database, and i’d like an investigation.

Hello @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thanks for following up with an answer to my question :pray:

I was wondering if you see this particular artist/album(s) under Skipped Files?

Hallo @beka
No, under skipped files i have (just found out) a track from another album of another artist.

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Very OT!
The title of this topic made me smile :joy:

I had that problem about 2-3 months ago with an artist that I had only one album for (local), and never got Roon to not freeze. I found another version of their album, then it worked. I suspect that somewhere, Roon saw some file, music or not, as corrupt or totally unrecognizable, enough to throw it for a loop. And, as the second version worked, obviously something was wrong somewhere in the first, even though I never could Identify what the cause was.

Jimmy Ryan ? James Francis Ryan ?

Hello @Niccolo_Terzi,

Thank you so much for the update. It is very likely that @Neil_Russell’s point could be valid in your case as well. Do you by any chance have another version of that album that you could try?

No, no other album.
the freezing, though, is not when i play any files… it’s just roon reading its own database, so i don’t see how any problem in the files could cause the freeze.
anyway, as i said i can live without clicking on Jimmy Ryan.
nut knowing the cause could prevent eventual future corruption in the database. is it possible to perform some kind of diagnostic?

If you do not have an alternate copy, here is what you might try.

  1. Move all files for that artist, including non-music files, to a temporary folder not watched by Roon.
  2. Taking one music track at a time, move it back to the original folder, then click on the artist and see if Roon freezes. If not, continue this process. If that track does cause Roon to freeze, make an unwatched folder named “problem files” and move that track to this problem file folder. Verify that the freezing problem went away. Continue the whole process until you have gone through all the music files. At this point, all music files that do not cause a problem should be in the original location, and all those that do cause a problem should be in the “problem file” folder.
  3. Repeat all the steps in #2, except using all the non-music files. Once you have done that, all files not causing the problem should be back in their original folder, and all those that do cause the freezing (probably just one or two) should be in the “problem file” folder.
  4. If you do not find any files that cause the freezing (I doubt that will be the case), file a ticket on the support page, making sure to fill out the form and giving them as much info as you can as to the problem, and what you have done to troubleshoot it. If you do find the “bad” files, again contact support through the support page. If the problem is something that is an image file, such as the front cover image, or one that you could probably find via a Google search, see if you can Google it, and if successful, use that instead of the problem file, verifying it solved the problem.

Hopefully, this will help you and / or support rectify the problem. Good luck!

There’s something maybe not clear here:

  1. The album has NO PROBLEMS, it plays well
  2. and i can browse the non-music (=art) files with no problem.
  3. and i can inspect the credits and other file infos with no problem
  4. the freeze arrives when i click in the credits on the “Jimmy Ryan” performer… that should take to the artist page, … the problem is not the album.

…i thought that opening a topic in the support section here is exactly as filing a ticket. or am i missing something?

Only if you fill out all the info on the form, and follow the instructions shown here…. I'm having a problem with Roon -- how do I report it? - #5 by RoonFAQ. I also suggest adding @support, as that directly notifies multiple support people, and usually, from what I’ve seen, leads to speedier resolution of problems. Not that they don’t try to anyway, but it seems they are very busy, and can’t read posts as quickly as we or they would like, or sometimes a post isn’t read, or gets lost in the cracks.

Thanks @Neil_Russell for your good :heart: and for helping us so much :pray:

@Niccolo_Terzi, please share that additional info about your setup for our technical team. I have looped them in and they will reply on this thread :nerd_face:

Thanks @beka

Win10 PC, intel i5

The problem is on the same core machine. I have not checked on other PCs. but i can open the link with no problems on an android remote

Squeezebox touch, connected via WiFi to the same network of the core

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Hello @Niccolo_Terzi ,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you here! Can we please ask that you reproduce the issue, note the exact local time + date of the issue’s occurrence, and then use these instructions to send us a log set for review? Any issues accessing or sending logs, please just let us know, thanks!

Hi @noris
reproduced now,
2 july 2021, local time 01:56 (+1 rome time).
I’m sending you a PM with the dropbox link.

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