Performer not displayed on Apple TV (and possibly not scrobbled)

Continuing the discussion from Performer not shown under track title, despite the info appearing under Track Info:

Would this be related to scrobbling and what is displayed on an Apple TV as well?

I am listening to the soundtrack of Phenomenon and the album info screen has performers for each track. They are also shown (correctly) on the Roon “now playing” screen as well as the queue.

However, on the Apple TV “now playing” screen the artist is listed as “Various Artists.” Naturally the performer as shown on the Roon “now playing” screen would be preferred.

Additionally, nothing gets listed on – my account is still connected on my profile. Not sure how to check what’s being sent over, but looks like is rejecting whatever it is. (Don’t know if they’d like “Various Artists” as the artist – I’d suspect not.)

I checked a couple tracks and on the File Tags screen both “TPE1” and “artist” have been set to what is shown as performer in Roon.

Hey @Kim – thanks for the report. We’re going to look into the AppleTV issue. That sounds like a bug to me.

As for Last.FM, we did some work in this area for 1.1, so it would be great it you could report back when it goes live. Things are looking a lot better, and I just did some soundtrack scrobbling to confirm things are working as expected.


I’m listening to “Chilled Out Euphoria” right now – something I’ve ripped and tagged myself (as opposed to Amazon AutoRip) – and I’m seeing the same thing. Also, the tags in these files do not have “Various Artists” anywhere in them, so that must be metadata from your database.

The Radio controls also say “Various Artists” for the last song of an album, even if a performer is known.