Performer .... not performing

in credits:

but Chips Jackson does not play in the album…
if I select all tracks and try to edit:

so… am I missing something? none of the credited artists appears here, and none can be removed from the tracks credits? how does it work?

then, I follow the link chip jackson and get to:

and if I click “all tracks” i get

so… there are no track with Chip Jackson in the CD. There’s something wrong.

i think I’ve written this 2 or 3 times now… but all these inconsistencies in data shown and/or used by roon ARE REALLY BREAKING MY NERVES.

Not all credits are at the track level. Have you tried removing the credit from the album?

i’ve searched in the album edit… and did not see it.
now i’ve seen it… ad solved.
as someone has noted in some posts (don’t ask which, i’ve read DOZENS) theses double credits (at track AND album level) is quite difficult to follow. i mean, album level should be the sum of track level.
besides, same type of metadata can be … both at track and album level, or in one, or the other…

it’s quite difficult to take under control all this. i can do it in new albums (except when there are errors i can’t solve)…
but i’ve imported all my library, thousands of albums, and every album seems to be treated by roon in a different way, with metadata with different format, found in different places, and with a variety of errors …

i think that a clear and comprehensive guide to roon metadata and file tags would be … very useful (note: i’ve read the KB. it’s not enough)

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