Performer not shown under track title, despite the info appearing under Track Info

There are a few of my compilations where the song titles have been picked up by Roon, but not with the performer underneath them. The funny thing is, if I select one of the tracks in question and click on the Track Info button, all the metadata fields are populated including “artist”. Why is the artist then not appearing on the main screen?

can you show us a screenshot or two?

You should also confirm that your tags have “Various Artists” in the Album Artist field. A lot of the current logic hinges on that.

Thanks. The album artist for this compilation is indeed Various Artists. I have 3 screenshots below; the album screen, file info screen and file tags screen:

Thanks @extracampine – there were a couple weird variations in my collection that didn’t get picked up, which we fixed a few months ago, but I guess there are more in the wild.

I’m going to PM you – would like to get the media for this one.

Actually, I just realized something… Hold on.

OK, holding on :slight_smile:

Just to follow up here @extracampine – it looks like we got a metadata hit on this album, but the data we’ve applied here has no artists at the track level.

This is a tricky case – obviously, we want to apply Roon metadata whenever we can, to enable all sorts of connections across the rest of your library. Unfortunately, in this case the data we’ve applied is lacking.

I’m going to discuss with the guys what we can automate here to prevent this case, but I know we have some tools in the pipeline that will help users correct this manually as well. For now, you may have better results if you use the Identify Album feature and use the basic file information, but I need to take a look at the media to confirm my suspicion is correct.

Sorry for inconvenience here @extracampine!

Hi @extracampine – thanks for passing on the media. We took a look and as I suspected, this is a case where we’ve got a match, and have applied metadata, but the entry in our database is incomplete and has no information about the track level performers.

My first thought here was that we should be pulling the track artist info our of your tags and mixing it in with the data that was retrieved, but I was reminded that we tried this before, and the results were not pretty. In this case it might be clean, but in many other cases, you end up with all kinds of ugly mismatches that look way more ridiculous.

I realize this is not a perfect answer. The “basic info” fix I mentioned above should suffice for now, but the issue is that if our metadata gets better for this album in the future, you’ll miss out, since that effectively detaches the album from our database.

The real fix here is more granular “revert to tags” functionality, which would let you maintain the album match, but roll just the tracks back to your tags. This is in progress and coming soon, so thanks in advance for you patience here.

Hi Roon Support,
may I join this discussion with a similar experience with a set of ripped CDs?
I’m currently on the 14days trail and would like to see if Roon does make a difference to my audio library.

I have several CDs ripped with DB Power Amp to flac. Tagged as Compilations during ripping. Roon does import those files and correctly group them as one CD with Various Artists.
However, I’m missing the ‘Performer’ info for each track or some tracks do have this info whereas others don’t.
During the ripping process the performing artists has been tagged.
I can provide screenshots if you like.