Permanent cover image on PS audio bridge display

Hi, the cover image of the album played appears with latency and each time comes a new song disappears. Could this be fixed?

Shouldn’t you be asking PS Audio about this? They’re the ones who designed the display.

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Thank you for answering! The display is perfectly working with cd and other streaming apps as McControl. If there is a question of compatibility of Roon with the “Bridge” of PS audio, I would like to know. I have read that someone has reported similar issue that, changing track, the cover image disappears and than after a long time, reappear again

Hmm, read on this forum?

Very strange. Still, if you think it might be a problem with the PS Bridge, you might also report the problem to them. Unknown things happen inside ‘black boxes’, but I can’t see how Roon software should be changed to prevent this. Dunno.

Good luck.

Since this looks like a device issue, I suggest you ask in PS Audio forum.

Moved post to #support in case support wants to comment.

Thank you so much, I will follow your suggestion

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