Permanent crashes on iPhone X

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Latest Build 571 of Roon Core, iPhone X running iOS 13.5.1

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

QNAP HS-251+ directly connected to WiFi modem/router

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Devialet 440 Pro, connected directly via Ethernet

Description Of Issue

The Roon iOS app crashes permanently - about every 15-20 seconds no matter if I am doing something within the app or just doing nothing. Also tried deleting, re-installing the app etc.

Maybe enabling diagnostics on my account will reveal more for you. Sad to see this crash issue still exists as many others also were reporting the same / similar critical bug.

@support team: The longer there isn’t a single reply of you to this kind of critical bug the more I am concerned as a lifetime subscription member. I am no longer able to use Roon appropriately as the app crashes every few seconds - and as you might have realized many others are facing the same problem.

So could you provide some status update on this to have an idea what is going on within Roon.

Strange! What’s going on here? For me and others I can start the app but it crashes every 15-20sec. And no one from support seems to care / reply.

I am lifetime subscription member and being no longer able to actually use Roon is a complete no-go. And even more weird to see the Roon team isn’t replying to these kind of critical bugs which are around for some time now and still causing severe problems.
I offered them several times to enable account diagnostics and other reports to help to fix this. But I have to say that I haven’t experienced such an attitude for a long time.

Don’t you have some other laptop, desktop, iPad, Android, or older iPhone to use until this gets resolved? They could get this resolved today or it could drag on for a long time. Who knows?

Yes trying to get a MacBook in place asap. But even more concerning than the critical bug itself affecting man users is Roon not replying at all for days. This should be really high priority of the support team.

Hi @Markus_Hubner,

Thanks for your patience while your thread made it’s way through the queue. We are looking into this issue, but we have been unable to reproduce this reliably in the lab, and without the ability to reproduce at-will makes it difficult to properly debug and confirm fixes for. I last commented in this thread what our current theory is:

What we have found from some users is that clearing out the image cache under Roon Settings -> Setup + clearing out the play queue + rebooting the iOS devices resolves this issue.

We are of course still investigating on how we can have this issue occur in the QA lab and fix via an update, but if you have any exact set of steps that gets you into this state at-will and is reproducible each time, I can certainly pass those steps on to our QA team.

iOS App on my iPhone X is crashing every few seconds - so it‘s not usable at all :frowning:
Even though having the latest version from the Apple AppStore and build 571. So when will this finally be fixed?

@noris So what should we respectively Roon be doing to fix this? Not having a usable app on my phone is really annoying unfortunately.

Doesn’t help at all.

@noris This is highly annoying. What is the official status about this one?!

Still crashes all the time without doing anything at all.

Did you try removing and reinstalling the Roon app?

Did you try a reboot?

Did you try a soft-reset (doesn’t affect data or settings):

Yes but with no effect.

This is really critical as I currently no longer have the MacBook for using Roon as client, just the iPhone X.

I thought this bug has been around for many months so should be fixed in the meantime.

Hi @noris, glad to hear you are working on this. This goes on for quite some months so I hope to be able to contribute to fixing this.

There must be dozens of crash reports just of my iOS app / account that might provide some insights when debugging. Did you activate my account for automated reporting ?

Over all these days the app has been crashing with no concrete usage pattern. It was actually about every 25sec no matter if I was doing something or just leaving it alone playing something (also tried delete art work and queue which didn’t help too). BTW the iPhone X got quite hot after a couple of crashes.

To make things even more curious: I have stopped / started Roon Server on the QNAP and after that there hasn’t been a crash for a few minutes so far.
Will test this more thoroughly tomorrow.

Hi @Markus_Hubner,

From what we have found, Roon logs do not contain much info when the issue occurs but what might help is taking a look at your iOS Console Logs when this occurs:

If you can provide a set of the console logs, please do and I can add them to our investigation ticket.

That’s interesting. Do let me know what else you are able to discover regarding this test and if it remained stable after the reboot.

I will add that I was in the same boat. Constant crashing on Iphone XS. I cleared the data and queue and it didn’t help. It wasn’t until I rebooted the phone that it started working properly.

This was all with a new library and a brand new install of the app. Not a great first impression but am happy now that it works.

Strange thing is it happened to me over such a long time - and no longer since a few days / the after filling the bug report.
Hm, this is tricky - but will keep investigating.

This is why we have not been able to address this issue yet - it seems to be a tricky one that we are having issues reproducing in the lab and we have not been able to have this behavior happen “at-will” on our end. If you manage to find any set of steps that will get you into this state, please do let me know and I can pass that info on to the team, thanks!

Hi @Markus_Hubner / @Jeremy_Dibble / @jmvdv,

We are still looking into this issue and we are looking for users who would be willing to install a special version of the Roon app with additional logging capabilities. If you are interested, please PM @dylan, thanks!

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