Perplexed about non display of Andris Nelsons set of Brahms Symphonies

Something very weird going on here,

On April 24 this year I downloaded the 24/192 set of 4 Brahms Symphonies. Initially there were no problems with display or location of these. But it appears something odd has happened, maybe affected by some upgrades to roon since that date.

Initially each of the 4 albums were edited to display title - “Brahms: Symphony no X”, Artist “Andris Nelsons, Boston Symphony Orchestra” and the 4 displayed separately with this data.

This morning I went looking for them and none were showng either under “Andris Nelsons” or “Boston Symphony Orchestra” or the Date of April 24. Wondering what was going on, I imported the16 files again into the HDD with all music files on board, but still no sign of them.

A listing of files under Focus on “Brahms” did not find them.

But a search of Brahms Symphonies did finally reveal two of the 4 (Symphonies 2 & 4) which have been re-edited again to show title and artist as before. Both of these have been identified by Roon but strangely show a release date of 26 may - a month after I added them! I’m guessing the files were made available for download earlier than the physical release of the CDs on 26 May so the disprepancy of dates is a red herring.

The display of either Symphony 2 or 4 display the other at the side but not the two “missing” symphonies.

A search for "Brahms Symphony no 1 did finally find that album with the title “The Brahms Symphonies” and Artist “c”. This was edited in line with Symphonies 2 & 4 and now appears along side of them under Artist listing and date added although curiously, Symphony No 1 is now listed as having been added April 25, a day later than the other two, something obviously incorrect.

A search for Brahms Symphony no 3 did not find it.

Curiously a search for “Andris Nelsons” came up with nix! Focus on performer Andris Nelsons only found Symphonies 1, 3 & 4. No 3 remained hidden.

A search for “Boston Symphony Orchestra” only found the same three as did a focus on performer “Boston Symphony Orchestra”.

It must be there because it was loaded in April 24 and again earlier today but Roon could not locate or display it.

So, I again loaded the four (movement) files for Symphony no 3 into the Roon HDD of FLAC files. Strangely there was no request to put them into a previous folder but they downloaded OK and the album showed up as a new entry. It now appears together with the other 3 now the title and artist have been appropriately edited.

With all identified they now appear together and if one is selected, all the others appear on the right.

Anyone offer clues about what happened?

LATER: I did find where they were located in Windows Explorer (W 7 64 bit) and all files were there. Maybe Roon got confused because all 16 files were in the one folder although each movement was clearly and correctly identified. When I finally downloaded Symphony 3 again I just highlighted those 4 files which should have already been there although there was no protest about duplication either from Roon or Windows 7 so it appears that somehow they got deleted or were hidden and unrecognised.

No really big deal as all got sorted in the end but I’m posting in case others have experienced something similar and it points to a bug.

EVEN LATER: I finally found what had happened to Symphony No 3. Roon had merged it with Symphony No 2!! And I mean completely merged with Symphonies 2 & 3 showing as one album, the reason I missed it earlier.