Perplexing Tidal search results

I can’t get Tidal search through Roon to find (the prolific composer) Theodore Dubois. I can’t make the aigu mark in Theodore but surely that is not the problem. If I just search for “Dubois,” he doesn’t show up either. But if I search directly in Tidal, there he is. What is going on?

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Hi @JChrisG

I am seeing the same thing (running an alpha build). It’s weird that he doesn’t come up as a composer.

Not sure whose area this is, so here’s a flag for @mike.

Having the same/similar issue. “America” (the band) was requested but the results from Tidal where odd and very incomplete. If I search directly within Tidal I get, the band level, numerous tracks, and several albums. If I search within Roon I don’t get any band or content from the band, all I get are a number of tracks that have the word “America” in them.


With America no problem here.

As in AE67’s screenshot, did you see Tidal Artists and Tidal Albums in blue? You need to select those links to see Tidals content.

The default results are anything from your library that have the word America in it.

Cheers, Greg

You also need to select America the artist if you want to eliminate everything with the word America in it somewhere.

I’m not getting the ‘blue’ Tidal Artists or Tidal Albums. I checked to confirm that Tidal was logging in, it is.

Any thoughts…?

Can you try shutting down Roon or Roon Server on the Core, whichever you’re using, and then restart the app.

If that doesn’t help, can you go into Settings > Services > Edit and make sure you’re logged into Tidal and make a note of when it last sync’ed with Roon. Also, try Sync now.

If all that seems ok, display a well know artist in your library and scroll down and see if any Tidal albums are available and if they play.

Cheers, Greg

Sorry I may have confused things here. If you have selected the artist America then you won’t get the library and tidal menu options. You will get all the America albums though, if you scroll down past the list of tracks you will first get the albums in your own library and then all those available from Tidal. There should be a Tidal icon to the left of the tidal albums.

Greg, rebooting worked.

When I checked my Tidal setting yesterday, to confirm there wasn’t a login issue (as I believe Tidal did an update) I was logged in, but things hadn’t sync’d in a couple weeks. Why they didn’t sync I still don’t know…and my guess is the issues had something to do with each other. I also confirmed that Roon was up to date - it was.

After rebooting (all components of Roon) all things Tidal now work (including search) and Roon performed a full Tidal sync - I know because it added some Artists to my Library that weren’t there previously.

Don’t know what the issue was (maybe just a normal tech ghost in the machine) but all working properly now. Gate’s Razor - “Reboot first, look for causes later”

Huge thanks!

Roon Tech, I don’t have any ideas as to why things stopped sync’ing - all network connections were never disrupted to my knowledge, mac mini (Roon Core and always on) and relevant softwares are up to date and set to auto update (maybe the issue?). But the fix was easy.

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Hi Brad,

Glad it’s working for you now.

Just so the Roon guys know, what OS are you running your Roon core? Windows, MAC or Linux?

Cheers, Greg

OS X El Capitan v.10.11.5

Greg, thanks for the help!

You’re welcome, glad I could help.

Cheers, Greg

Could one of you guys check out the original question for me? Does search for Theodore Dubois from Roon bring up the same results as search directly from Tidal? Not for me. Don’t think I am fixated on Theodore Dubois, I just noticed the discrepancy while I was researching some organ pieces. For my part, I’ll see if I need to update Tidal, I know Roon is up to date.

In general, I appreciate that Roon integrates better with Tidal now than in previous versions. I hope for even better integration in the future. I would love for the radio function to access the entire Tidal library instead of just the albums I have added to Roon.

Hi Chris,

Apologies for missing your original question. I see it really didn’t get resolved.

Anyway, I repeated your steps and agree that the search is probably not working as intended.

I see that Theodore Dubois is only found in “appears on” albums. I’m not a classical guy, but I would think that this is the norm. So, the search feature seems lacking, whereas it doesn’t search “appears on” albums in Tidal. This means that composers can be missed in the search.

I’m not sure if this occurs with other composers. We should probably get @mike to look at this.

Anyway, what do you do for now? Just go and search the composer in Tidal and select one of the albums that he “appears on” click on the favourite star to make it a favourite in Tidal. The album will appear in Roon after your next sync.

He should then appear in your library when you search him in the future.

This is a workaround for now, but maybe the search feature in Roon needs to be expanded.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks, this is more or less the process I use now. Can’t count on Roon for complete results in classical/Tidal. I don’t know about other genres.