Persistent crackle on Powernode 2i and Flex 2i

Roon Core Machine

PC running Windows 11

Networking Gear & Setup Details

BT Hub Wifi

Connected Audio Devices

Powernode 2i
Flex 2i

Number of Tracks in Library

126,000 tracks

Description of Issue

Pesrsistent, intermittent crackle

If I didn’t have a life subscription I would be giving up on Roon at this point. Support have told me it is due to weak signal using Wifi. It clearly isn’t as the crackle is present on Flex as which has a very strong signal.
Have just connected the Powernode using Ethernet and the craclke is still present.

Quite a few recent threads on similar Bluesound problems.
This might help or search the other relevant threads.

I use Bluesound Pulse Mini, Flex and 2. I use the wired connection and have no issues with crackle. In fact it all just works seamlessly. You could try a temp cable as a test to see if the issue goes away. That may help in pinpointing the issue… Just a thought, Wi Fi is never as simple as it may seem…

I have tried tried Ethernet connection with no change. May be a coincidence but the sound was fine, the deteriation seemed to coincide with change to Windows 11.

I put off buying any Bluesound product due to all the early complaints in the forum’s around WiFi issue’s.
I have Running my PowerNode on Ethernet for a few months without a single issue so far.

Maybe the issue is coming from elsewhere. Do you have anything else taking a lot of processing on the Windows machine?

I’ve found that the ‘i’ series performs much better than previous generations as far as WIFI is concerned. Regardless, try to use wired for my permanently located devices.