Persistent issues with Roon remote on Android

Roon Core Machine

Grimm Audio MU1
Roon 1.8.0 build 884

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Grimm Audio MU1 connected wired via cat6 to Netgear Gigabit switch GS105 connected to router Fritzbox 7590.
Roon remote on Samsung TabS7 tablet via WiFi version 1.8.0 build 880

Connected Audio Devices

DAC: Chord Qutest via SPDIF

Number of Tracks in Library

10147 tracks

Description of Issue

I have a couple of issues with Roon remote on the Android tablet.
They may all have same root cause.

  1. very often, as in a couple of times a day, the connection to roon core is lost. Happens when you return to Roon remote on tablet after a while. Current soulution is to kill Roon remote and launch again.

  2. very often Roon hangs and does not respond to touches anymore. A “Roon is not responding” message appears asking whether to restart Roon, which fixes it.

  3. quite often Roon gets stuck in the view one gets when you touch the “play bar”, i.e. the playing track view (not sure how to call it). Roon keeps playing, you can skip tracks, you can cycle through the album arts etc, but you cannot leave. The X in the top left or the minimize icon do not respond. Only by opening volume, going to device setup, you get the menu back so that you can go back or home again. And, when you click on ‘device setup’ it doesn’t take you there, but it just bombs back to the track view.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Anyone else with same or similar issues?

I believe issues 2 and 3 have started to occur since last Roon update. Issue 1 has always been a problem in the 2 years or so that I use Roon.


Yes, I have recently experienced the same issues you have described with items 2 and 3 on the Amazon Fire tablet. The only resolution for me is to hit the power button on the tablet to force a restart and the issue is fixed for the moment.

Hope support can come up with a resolution. Thanks to the OP for bringing these issues to their attention.

Agree latest to hanging quite easily and more so when it’s been in the background. The reconnecting is pretty common on any platform as the os tried to battery manage apps but Roon is by far the worst for this, likely due to its busy network nature. But the constant freezes for no reason are pretty infuriating . Android 12 here on Pixel 4 phone.

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