Persistent quote window

Would like the splash startup screen, which contains the quotes of musicians, to remain on the screen until you mouse click. I love reading them but many cannot be read in time before it disappears.


I agree, most cannot be read in time. It would be nice to be able to set a configurable timeout too. 15s would be just right for me.

A time would be better, mine starts on boot remotely

The splash screen is there as long as it takes for Roon to load, so presumably a faster machine, the shorter it’s shown. There have been requests to kill it too.

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I disagree. I find the quotations a waste of time and space.

You’d rather just have a logo?

Seems like a toggle to allow quotes or not along with a timeout value would satisfy most.

I have a fast machine and I rarely able to read the quotes of more than a few words before they go poof!

or perhaps a button to cause a random quote to display anytime…those that don’t want it don’t have to click it.

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Yes for sure.