Persistent View in iOS

One time saving feature I would love to see in the iOS app would be page retention when reconnecting to the app after coming back to Roon to choose new music. Take for example you’re in Album View and you’re scrolling through your albums looking for something to play and you scroll several pages in. You find the album, press play, start listening, then go to another app to read or check e-mails, etc. You decide to change the music part way in, or the album has finished and you go back to Roon only to find the app opens back up at the beginning of however you choose to view your albums.

Is there a possibility of getting Roon to remember where you were so you can start looking again where you left off?


This happens to me even when I don’t leave the application. I can be scrolling through albums, many pages in and dive into one to play or read and when I click back I am sometimes dropped back to the first page.

This is an annoyance for me also.

I don’t understand why after looking closer at an album several pages into a artist’s Tidal album timeline, when you press the back button the view goes all the way back to the first page of the discography. It should go back to the segment of the album timeline you were last on.

Otherwise, pretty awesome app…great work Roon team!


I find the ‘back’ arrow to be inconsistent at times too.

@brian, @danny, do you think this could be addressed?

@digitalzed @Jeremy_McNally @Jon_Buysse

Can you guys be a little more specific about what’s not persistent? Are you talking about the left-right scrolling album lists on Artist pages, like this?

Or something else?

Yes, if you scroll to the right and choose an album to examine/play/add to library the back button will then take you all the way back to the first albums in the timeline. Instead, it should return you to the section of the timeline you were just on when you chose the album.

In other words, when I’m exploring an artists’s discography, I don’t want to keep getting bumped back to the beginning of it.

This happens 100% of the time on iPad for me…


@mike for me it’s when I’m in album view, I choose an album, play the album, then leave the app to go do something else. When I come back to Roon, whether Roon is still connected or needs to reconnect, and go back to album view, it defaults back to the beginning of however I have my albums sorted, not to where I left off. So if I have my albums sorted alphabetically A-Z, and I choose an album somewhere in the F’s, when I come back to Roon I’m back at the A’s. I want Roon to pick up where I left off (in this example, in the F’s).

I believe this is tagged as Bug #13409 :slight_smile:

However I do get the same behavior in the main Roon library too.

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@mike, any thoughts on if this can be addressed? Not sure it’s really a bug as much as a feature request.

Ok, this is a little different, and should be persistent. If I can reproduce it, I’ll write up the ticket and we’ll try to get this fixed.

Ready to help if needed.

Any progress on this? The behaviour still exists in 161.