Personal metadata exported with file?

Are favourite status, tags and playlists able to be exported with files?

I’m still really struggling to get full use out of roon. I have work and i have home. Still lugging my laptop and external harddrive to work just for roon. I have a roon enabled server at home but not using it yet as no easy way to have my personal metadata with me at both places. One option i’m considering is exporting all my favourited tracks to the server and then just swapping the licence each morning and night. Buuut exporting atm if i’m not mistaken doesn’t export personal metadata?? I just tried and it didn’t. Any tips? Even if i bought a second licence it wouldn’t help. Need easily moveable or exportable metadata.


@support any help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Hugo_Sharp,

You should be able to use the Export function in Roon which will export your files with Roon metadata edits. Is this what you tried? What type of metadata are you trying to export?

Hey Dylan, ok i read that but when i trialed it it seemed to not carry anything with it. I use tags to rate tracks and also create my version of genres. And then favourite status i use also.
Is there a trick to it? I exported my faves to another drive, then added that drive under storage but none of the above was visible. All tracks were a clean slate.

Just tried again and no tags/favourite status/playlists coming through with exported files. Well not that Roon picks up after importing the exported files at least.

Hi @Hugo_Sharp,

The export function will carry over your metadata edits (such as edits to the artist on an album), but not necessarily your Roon specific data.

One option here may be to use Dropbox integration. You can backup your database to Dropbox at a regular interval and then restore it at your work location. You would just need to account for the difference in media storage location.

Thanks Dylan, how do i “account for difference in media location” though? This would be as per transferring a library (link)?

Though this would mean for the home server that i have to backup main db from laptop and then restore that to the server and then do the storage change hack every time i want the server updated? As opposed to just exporting the files to the server hard drive. Sorry just trying to get explicit to find a work around that’s least hassle.

Hey @dylan to restore the db into my server It’s literally taking a day (24hrs) at least. Been running since yesterday evening and it’s only at 48% restored in the morning. So if i did this once a week that’s a whole day i can’t even use Roon every week. Is this really the intended workflow? Sorry to be pestering but it’s just there is very little reference to the practicalities of all this in the knowledge base. I’m restoring into am Innuos Zenith II.

Hi @Hugo_Sharp,

Are you using Dropbox for the restore? Restoring via Dropbox tends to be pretty slow due to the speeds allowed by the Dropbox API. It will likely be quicker if you can download the backup to your side and restore locally. Let me know if that helps!