Pete Brown Mishmash need disambiguation

After having tried to fix the Hendrix’s Winterland boxset I discovered that Pete Brown is a mishmash of artists.
If you search Pete Brown under Tidal you will end up here

The biography and the first 2 albums are of Pete Brown the saxophonist.

The following albums:
The Not Forgotten Association
Party in the Rain
Ardour of Lost Rake & Coals to Jerusalem
are of the Pete Brown who also authored some of the Cream songs

Finally the album “Not Before Time” is an even different Pete Brown


Thanks. I’ve made an edit and split these up; unfortunately, at this time, it’s not possible to split TIDAL IDs. As the majority of albums appear to be for the Cream collaborator, I’ve “given” the TIDAL ID to him. Not ideal, but we are well aware of this limitation in our current system.


I went around the problem creating a new Artist Pete Ronald Brown and setting all the composition to him. Not ideal either…
I will revert them back, to do that can I simply go to the song and press revert edits?


Yes, that should work.

Hi Joel,

Pete Brown still take me to the saxophonist Bio.


Hi Marco, it can take up to a week for the changes to be sucked into your library. This is because all metadata in your library is updated on a “round robin” basis, not at once.