Peter Gabriel i/O metadata in Roon?

has anyone figured out how to properly save Peter Gabriel’s new album, respectively all the tracks and their mixes, in Roon?
The new album has not been released yet, but PG is releasing single tracks every couple of weeks.
So far, we have five tracks, and they all get 2-3 more mixes a bit later.
This is what it looks like in a folder structure…

Any idea how to get that sorted?
Different albums/ EPs? For one track Roon has created a composition, with 2 movements (but did not include the 3rd mix…)
Thanks, Christian

It’s a problem Roon side. We have a ticket to fix this, but I can’t give any timescales for fixing it. It happens because some metadata providers dump these different singles into the same “bucket”. Disambiguation then becomes tricky.

Thanks Joel!
Maybe by then PG will have released the actual album :slight_smile:

I would not mind modifying the file’s metadata, but would appreciate a hint on how to change them so, that Roon understands.


I save them as grouped singles since that is what I consider them. I don’t consider these releases albums.

And under each both Single Versions…