pfSense, Sonos and Roon RAAT on different local networks

My setup:

Router: Netgate 6100 with pfSense
LAN → Devices (iPhone, MacBook, iMac, Sonos etc.)
LAN2 → Servers (Roon)

The LAN devices reside in and the LAN2 servers incl. Roon in

Routing works. Clients in LAN can see the Roon server in LAN2. Audio however does not.

Enabling the pfSense Avahi ( package solves some of the issues. It fixes Apple AirPlay for example. Roon (LAN2) sees the Sonos speakers’ (LAN) AirPlay capabilities after enabling this package.

The RAAT capabilities of the Sonos speakers however, are still not visible.

How can I resolve this?

My sonos stuff has sonos streaming or airplay as options only. No raat.

I fixed it by placing the Roon server in the same subnet as the speakers.

The Sonos speakers now show up as “Sonos streaming” (and AirPlay) in Roon settings.

Sonos discovery won’t work over subnets without forwarding the correct broadcast data as it’s limited to the same broadcasting subnet much like UPnP or RAAT is. AirPlay and Chromecast rely on mDNS which will work across subnets with an mDNS forwarder or repeater active which your pfsense is doing with the avahi setting.