Phantom Speakers waiting RAAT certification! [done]

I’m gonna try to make do with it. Don’t think it’s gonna affect me too much…

Yup…downsampling to 48khz to the reactors…

Exciting times for you Phantom owners !

I’ve been waiting Phantom Gold performance in matte black or white colour, with Roon & Airplay2 support.

Now might be a great time to get a pair.

Now you can load convolution into Roon and not have to use additional boxes (like TOSlink sources) to have digital room EQ.

Still no parametric EQ in their app (for non-Roon sources)?

The internal DSP rate of 48kHz isn’t a big deal to me, when you consider the upside of nice and simple digital room EQ now.

Dutch & Dutch 8C’s are considered ‘state of the art’ despite internal DSP running @ PCM48kHz… And despite inputs accepting PCM192kHz.

That’s just my personal thoughts though.

No parametric EQ in the app I’m afraid.

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Welcome to the Roon Ready club Phantom owners! :partying_face:

A note about the “Unknown” elements in the Signal Path: this will be fixed in the next Roon update.


Hi John
we all expected RAAT to give us 192kHz streaming to Phantoms as both UPnP to ethernet and Toslink support 192kHz. What has happened? What’s the story behind the 48kHz limit?

If Phantoms report max 48kHz to Roon during handshake, there is one more item that should be fixed.
In @vaguedetails’ post above Roon shows a dialog for selecting ‘Max Sample Rate’. I guess this should be hidden as 48kHz is already known to Roon.
In my current setup I use a DAC that reports 48kHz max to Roon. The ‘Max Sample Rate’ selection isn’t there at all, just ‘Max Bits Per Sample’

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48khz downsampling notwithstanding, the reactors do sound better with this update.
Can someone else chime in with their sound impressions.

Same question/remarks has @ogs …can we have some clarification on the subject please?

Might be a question for Devialet, as the specs are now PCM48kHz on all inputs…

Yes, I know that.
Devialet has changed specifications for Phantoms lately. The question to Devialet would be whether 48kHz has been an “internal working rate” of Phantoms since it’s release. Has 192kHz (or 176.4, 96, 88.2) been downsampled without us knowing it? Or would ‘old’ Phantoms (prior to the 2.12.x firmware) handle these higher rates natively without change? Does the internal upsampling to 192kHz still take place after 2.12.x? Is 44.1kHz handled ‘as is’ or is it upsampled?
As I’ve said before: ADH2 and ADH3 will both handle 192kHz. In Expert amps (ADH2) up to 192kHz is definitely handled unchanged both with RAAT and AIR.

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All noted.

With the current Roon Ready support, Roon are complying with Devialet’s specification now of PCM48kHz.

Why the spec has changed, is a question for Devialet I think.

I don’t see why Roon should be cornered to answer.

And even if Roon know the answer, given the nature of this change (people disappointed that the product spec has changed) I doubt they would write it publicly.

If you get an answer from Devialet please share because it is interesting !

Your questions are very good ones of course!

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I have to say Devialet is just…I don’t understand how all this can be happening and the company it’s just cruising a long, like nothing is happening, no apologies, no acknowledgment… don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with the Roon certification, it’s fantastic…but the fact they keep changing the specs on the speakers and reducing the value we paid for them it’s just mind bending for me…how can you do that?? No credits, no exchange program, nothing!! Paying 10k for those speakers…no solution, just marketing and more marketing…I understand it’s not critical to have 192k today, but I don’t pay 10k for “today’s” speakers, it’s an investment into the future…

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Of course, its because everyone keeps buying. They are a very frustrating company in many respects. I only own one Silver Phantom. I really love how it sounds. But operationally it is pretty quirky, especially while I had the god-forsaken Dialog in my system.
In a way you have to admire they recognize what their brand is about and what they don’t need to waste their time on.

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I won’t allow myself to get too worked up about the sampling rate limitation. Maybe the Phantoms have internally downsampled all along. Just very happy that I don’t have to use AirPlay anymore for group playback across my space with the Gold and Reactor pairs and four other RPi-based zones. The improvement in soundstage and sparkle was immediately audible when going from AirPlay to RAAT. Good enough for me.

Roon 1.8 apparently also adds more info to the signal path and what the Phantoms do exactly.


Is there some sort of ‘time out’ set by default via Devialet? Roon is running fine via RAAT, but I notice that if I stop playing music to this endpoint I have to reboot my Phantom.
This never happened when I was running Roon through my RPi/HAT, but I seem to recall it was something the Devialet app did when I ran it via Dialog?

The most disturbing on the new specs of the Gold Phantoms is the frequency range of 14Hz - 27kHz @-6dB. As all inputs to the Golds according the new specs only are up to 48kHz, 27kHz with -6dB cannot be reached. So, Devialet needs to act on this since publication of not reachable specifications is fraud and car companies like VW have experienced what that can mean to their businesses. For now there is no way with the actual DOS2 firmware a 25kHz sine signal can be played by the tweeters. I’m still on DOS1 but currently have no means at home to measure the SPL of a 25kHz sine signal. It would be interesting if someone here could make such a measurement on a DOS1 Phantom Gold speaker and compare to a DOS2 system.

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Strange, that hasn’t happened to me. I had to restart the core after rebooting the speakers. Got an error message saying that multiple attempts to play back had failed. Do you get an error message in Roon?

Nope. No sound coming from device. I start playing something on Roon, the play button moves, the audio squiggles, but no sound comes out.
I unplug it, wait ten seconds, plug it back in and the Phantom comes back on line and music starts.
I’m sort of surprised too. But it’s early days. I’ll keep an eye on it.
Thanks @ragwo!

Lots of people in the Devialet forum seem to be complaining about the frequent reboots. Some people clearly have no problems, others have problems every time they switch inputs. I’ve had to reboot my golds a few times a day. Hopefully Devialet will eventually stabilize this release. But I’m happy with the RAAT sound quality upgrade!