Phantom Speakers waiting RAAT certification! [done]

Yeah, I do not think 2.12 is available anywhere yet unless someone wants to break NDA. I believe the version @Renato_Semedo shows screen shots from is an interim version with an incomplete RAAT so it is better to wait for the official release.


Roon Ready - Uncertified


That’s a good sign, I think. Thanks for sharing this interesting information with us.


Seems I may have to renew my Roon subscription once the wrinkles are ironed out. Will I need anything else besides a subscription, an app, and music sources?

As an aside, I finally took the leap to DOS 2.0 about 4 months ago when I broke down and got the new Phantom remote and in typical fashion, the upgrade wasn’t seamless - probably my fault for having multiple layers of WiFi and not appreciating this fact during the install process - but in due course I got everything to work in a more user friendly fashion.

That is how RAAT should work. Hopefully Devialet will release the firmware soon. Be warned that Devialet’s delivery schedule may not be how we users would prefer so this can take time…

Something is cooking, but who knows what? As usual Devialet misses their own deadline. Hopefully we’ll know what’s going on in a few weeks.

And Phantom Premiers are sold out on the official channels. Phantom 2 coming?

AirPlay 2 and RAAT will come to Premier nonetheless.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: never keep the hopes too high with Devialet…but when I read it, I assumed last day of the year…midnight of the 31st :roll_eyes:…since Devialet seems to be run by the marketing team, it would definitely be more dramatic for a “big” announcement, not practical but dramatic… :sunglasses::grin:

Seems February 2nd 2021 is the magic day for Devialet Phantom users. We’ll see ‘new’ Phantoms (matt white and black is what we know now, maybe there is more…) and firmware 2.12.x that contains RAAT and AirPlay 2. Hopefully Reactor can use 2.12.x too.
There is speculation that RAAT will do up to 24/48 on current Phantoms. Possibly because 48kHz may be used between speakers when they are paired for stereo and Roon uses this rate for transfer. We’ll know for sure in February


Just wondering, where did you read that those two colorways are already confirmed?

TBH I can’t remember. When I wrote that I actually read it, but can’t find it now. Only a few days left so we’ll soon see if it’s right or not… :slight_smile:


Roon Raat is now showing in my gold phantoms but unable to enable it as it says it is uncertified. Bummer. Any ideas when certification will be completed?


Tried to reset or reboot the speakers?

Will try that. Stay tuned

Same issue. Red bar showing uncertified. Tried rebooting nucleus as well. No luck.

My fear is that Roon Raat will only be available for the new line of phantoms. The new devialet update renamed my golds to Gold 1 Phantoms. There are obviously new products coming out that will probably have Roon Raat available and working for them. Total bummer.

I’m guessing that Roon hasn’t yet marked the Phantoms as certified Roon-ready but will in a bit. At present, the Roon website lists them as just “Roon Tested.” Obviously, Devialet is indicating that the Phantoms have passed the certification, so it may just be a matter of that being made official by Roon in due course.

FYI the phantoms updated to 2.12.3 software. Airplay 2 and night mode are back.

I think the old Phantoms will be Roon Ready - they say uncertified now - but if you click the Device Info link there, you can see that the Phantoms report using the RAAT SDK Ver 1.1.38

I have the first versions - 5 year old classic white - and they show the RAAT SDK being used.

Probably just a matter of a switch at Roon’s end or Devialet have jumped the gun and certification has not been completed.

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You’re freaking out for no reason. The Reactors are now called Phantom II and no official announcements have even been made… there’s no way they would mark the current Phantom line up Roon Ready on their end and not have them certified on Roons end