Phantom Support?

Any chance to see this implemented to the Phantom Line up?


Our relationship with Devialet has just begun, and Expert + AIR was an obvious first project.

Given the quality of their creations, having the entire product line be Roon compatible would be a goal of mine.

+1 for this request. I have already requested this from Devialet through the usual channels. The thing is if they can demo the Phantoms with Roon then I am almost certain they will sell more units. Demoing with the current Spark software would be very underwhelming by comparison.

Thx a lot…
Yes, i agree it is a good start and I’m looking forward to get roon working on my Five silver Phantoms…
and then I will get rid off the Rasp Pi with Hifi Berry currently connected to the Phantoms…
Very good progress


Hello? Just wishfully checking in. Any rumours? Really want to see what these babies can do without the optical connection.

I’m using Air Play to the Dialog without any problem, Roon picked it up immediately. It would be nice if it could just stream at a higher resolution via ethernet, hopefully that won’t take another hardware upgrade. Very annoying to have had to buy another Dialog just to get Air Play.

Good news everyone!

I have heard directly from a dealer that shall remain unnamed that Roon integration is on the hardware boards now (although it wasn’t clear to me whether in the little egg, or just in the Dialog) but it’s not working properly yet, they need to get it into shape.

What with the new hardware and the price drop on the white Phantom, I’m getting one of these as soon as the promotion with the tripod becomes available!

Flagging @Steve_C as he specifically asked.

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Hi all,

any news on this topic ?