Phantom volume resetting back to 35 (using Airplay)

So I’ve just got one of the new White Phantoms, with the new ADH2 etc. and the treepod.
After the incredibly buggy setup phase (failed using the Android app on a Samsung Galaxy S8, resumed with Spark on OS X), I am able to stream from Roon via AirPlay, on WiFi. Also updated the firmware
This works without issue, and the sound is pretty great, especially for the use-case I have (music for kitchen island/dinner table area - the “proper” hi-fi is too far away in the new house, about 10m).

There’s a small annoyance though: the volume keeps getting re-set to 35 after the music stops for more than (maybe) 10 seconds (or when the source is changed, but that doesn’t matter if I only use Roon+Airplay).
@danny as a Phantom owner, I suppose you’ve run into this as well? Is an “Set initial volume to ___” option being considered for an audio output? I now have to do this manually, which is a bit annoying when it happens 10 times an evening, after an album finishes, or someone wants to change the music.

Same issue here.

After the nice volume related changes in 1.4 I was hoping that setting the minimum volume at e.g. 45 would automatically bump it to that value when starting playing, overriding Devialet’s 35. Unless I’m doing something wrong, this doesn’t work though. The min is 45, upon playback the current is shown to be 35, and hitting the left side of the slider makes it jump straight to the min value of 45, which is somewhat of an improvement, but ideally we’d have a “start volume” setting (with a choice of reusing the last value used on the zone, or a numeric value).