Phantoms lower volume with Roon Ready?

It seems as if I need to set the volume higher now with Roon Ready.

I’ve noticed this with a few different albums that I play regularly. I don’t recall ever setting the volume at 60+ , now I’m setting it at 65 often.

Prior to this I was feeding Roon into the Phantom’s optical input using a Hifiberry HAT on an RPi

Anyone else notice?

I can’t say I’ve noticed. But then again my Phantom has become so unreliable after their DOS update I’m preoccupied with unplugging it and plugging it in again. I may set a Smart Things outlet to do this every half hour so I don’t have to.
It could be that some DSP function like volume leveling is at work. Do you see anything like that in your signal path? I can’t look since I put my Hifiberry HAT on a RPi back into the system. It is so darn reliable. I wish Devialet was one-tenth as dependable as that RoonBridge.

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Similar to @grossmsj (well, except for the constant issues he has been facing), I haven’t noticed anything myself, so second the suggestion on investigating your signal path for any DSP-related volume attenuation.

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I’ll take a look.

Luckily, other than this possible lack of volume, I’ve had no issues. The Phantoms have been rock solid since the day the Devialet update came out and Roon 1.8 has not been an issue with them either. They get a few hours of use every day and I’ve not had to reboot them even once since the firmware update which I did the day it was released.

The ones I have are among the first ones Devialet built - white ones from 2015 with no airplay

Installed the Devialet fix for the disconnection problems this morning (v2.12.5). Everything is working fine now. :grin:
A nice benefit of Roon Ready is that the Gen 2 remote works through Roon, quite well. The pause/play do their job at the level of Roon, and the next button also skips to the next track as it should.